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Supporting the wellbeing of your drivers and protecting your investment in your vehicles is a cumbersome task that requires help to do successfully. For years, we’ve met the needs of local businesses in unusual auto situations, standard situations and everything in between.

When done correctly, you and your employees will be protected against relevant risks, without paying for unnecessary coverage. When done by a Davis & Towle Walnut Hill agent by your side, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

NH Business Auto Insurance for the Cars, Trucks, Vans and Vehicles that keep your business going. 

In general, there are three situations that indicate the need for commercial car insurance.

  • If your company uses a vehicle for business purposes.
  • When a vehicle is registered as a commercial vehicle, or has a commercial tag.
  • If any employees use a vehicle in the course of business (regardless of who owns the vehicle).

Most Commercial Automobile Insurance Policies provide two types of coverages: property insurance coverage for damage to your vehicle and liability insurance coverage for bodily injury to others and damage to their property.

Coverage can be added to include things like uninsured motorists, non-owned auto liability for employees’ driving their own vehicle for work-related purposes, etc.

A special Auto Dealers Insurance Policy is also available for auto, motorcycle, truck or trailer dealerships. Contact us if you’re looking for insight on your coverage options as a garage, repair shop or dealership.


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