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We’ve seen the many situations and requirements that bring about a need for Workers Compensation in New Hampshire. In addition to protecting yourself and meeting legal requirements, you may find yourself in need of workers comp insurance to meet a contract requirement.

The good news is that whatever the case may be, our team of local agents is ready to help you decipher your compliance requirements, and identify opportunities to save money.

New Hampshire Workers Compensation Basics

What is Workers Compensation and Why Do I Need It?

The following information is taken from the Employer’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation by the State of New Hampshire Department of Labor. The entire PDF can be downloaded for free here.

“What is Workers’ Compensation? – Workers’ Compensation is an insurance program that pays medical and disability benefits for work-related injuries and diseases. If injured on the job, an employee’s medical treatment costs will be paid by the policy; if disabled following an on the job injury, the employee will also receive weekly income through the policy until able to return to work. All employers must obtain coverage by purchasing an insurance policy through the insurance agent or company of their choice, unless they become licensed to “self- insure” by the Commissioner of Labor. Workers’ compensation insurance programs protect both employees and employers. Each covered employee has the right to benefits if injured on the job. In return, the employee forfeits the right to sue the employer for the job related injury.”

Interested in Controlling Your Workers’ Compensation Costs?

There are many ways for you to control workers’ compensation costs for your small business. The most important is to establish clear, written safety procedures and provide appropriate training for operations. Maintaining a safe workplace is vital and will consequently reduce your insurance costs.

Here are some other ways to control costs:

  • Implement a return-to-work policy in which employees work modified duty until they are fully healthy to do their jobs.
  • Understand the elements that contribute to your workers’ compensation costs. It is vital that you understand the impact that each brings to your overall pricing.
  • Orient and train your employees on safe practices necessary for their job functions and tasks.
  • Insist that employee claims are reported promptly, as statistics reveal that for every week that a claim goes unreported, the cost can increase as much as 50 percent.
  • Investigate the cause of injuries and illnesses. While one injury may be behind you, others will take its place unless you do something to reduce the change of the incident occurring again.
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