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There’s nothing like the freedom you feel when riding. But if you’re on the road, you’ll want to protect your investment and yourself from problems that could occur, so you can keep enjoying the ride. Our comprehensive coverages and competitive rates make us one of the best motorcycle insurance providers in New Hampshire.

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Not just motorcycle insurance in Amherst..

Get insurance for your UTV, ATV Insurance, affordable RV insurance…and whatever mode of transportation you prefer. All in one place.


Cruiser Motorcycle Insurance

The most common type of motorcycle on the road. Cruiser motorcycles often have a powerful engine and are built for comfort. The seating position is usually relaxed with a handle bar at or below shoulder height.


Dirt Bike Insurance NH

Enhanced suspension and rugged tires come together to make these lightweight rides.


UTV & ATV Insurance in NH

These off-road vehicles are normally four wheeled, but some may have up to eight wheels.

Wondering how much Motorcylce insurance in NH costs? Our coverage options are competitively low; depending on your motorcycle use and other factors, your policy could start at under $100/year!


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